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Brandi Mae


Stunning muscular babe in her erotic pink fishnet outfit. Slowly striping her clothes and flashing her goodies right in front of the camera while working out and showing off those hard rock muscles. This lady have dark hair, face covered with makeup and wearing bright red lipstick. She is also wearing her fishnet top, and thigh high pink stockings and black high heels. She takes off of her top clothes revealing her big round titties and her erect nipples with piercings. Then she grabs her dumbbells and started lifting them, working out with her goodies fully exposed.

Debbie Laszewski


Mature blond female body builder wearing her tiny sexy pink clothes and showing off her hard rock body, while doing some erotic posing in front of the camera. This woman have thick blond hair, with her eyes covered with thick black eye-shadows and eyeliners, and pink lipstick on her lips to match her outfit. She’s wearing her tight two piece pink bikini and pink gloves, and her black high heels. She is standing right in the middle of the living room. Posing her rock muscular body, flexing her bulky arms and showing that nice hard abs, and then pulling her panties with her left thumb.

Jill Rudison


Lovely and well fit female body builder, working out on that machine with the help of her two dumbbells, and wearing her tiny and sexy clothes. This woman have her golden hair nicely tied, wearing big round earrings, with her tight pink tube bra, and her tight silver panties. She have nice well toned arms, and amazing six pack abs, and thick muscular eyes. This woman also have tattoos on her arms and on her left rib-cage. She sits down and started working out on her big hard biceps.

Kathy Connors


Busty muscular woman in her sexy black corset, slowly striping them off and flashing her big round boobs while modeling her thick and hard muscled body. She has her blond hair well groomed, with light makeup on her face, and wearing her dangling pearl earrings and necklace. She’s wearing her black corset and high-heels. She also have her well manicured finger nails covered with bright pink nail-polish. She’s standing right in the middle of the room with her corset pulled down and flashing her boobs, holding it and squeezing it together, showing off that big cleavage.

Lisa Cross


Stunning and huge female body builder, wearing her tight and erotic lingerie, slowly striping them all off and modeling her nude hard muscular body. This woman have her blonde hair well groomed, eyes covered with black eyeliners. She is wearing her black lingerie, and fishnet thigh high stockings, and stiletto. She have monstrous set of arms, toned sex pack abs, and thick muscle thighs and legs. She stands right in front of the camera with pink back-ground, and then removes her tight black bra and flashing her big round boobs and its puffy nipples. Then flexes her arms.

Megan Avalon


Gorgeous and fit blond chick in her erotic bikini, doing some striptease in front of the camera, modeling her sexy toned body and her big round boobs and goodies. This woman have silky straight and long golden hair, with lovely looking face, and bright blue eyes, and pouty lips covered with pink lipstick. She’s wearing huge dangling earrings and her shiny green bikini and transparent high-heels. She then pulls out her two huge round boobies and flashes them in front of the camera, and then bed over, showing her nice and well toned arms and her big round ass, while staring straight into the camera.

Monica Martin


Lovely body female body builder, well groomed and wearing her black shiny see thru dress and her high heels. She have her raven hair dyed with brown highlights, and have her eyes covered with black eyeliners. She’s wearing her tight and see thru dress, and black high heels, and have her toe nails covered with bright red nail-polish. She stands at the corner of the living room right in front of that small white leather chair. Raising her arms and flexing the, showing her big biceps. Spreading her thighs, huge and thick muscular thighs and legs while staring directly in front of the camera.

Nikki Jackson


Stunning and busty body fit babe in her erotic black outfit, flexing her arms and showing her off her nice toned abs and arm while also flashing her big round boobs. This fine looking brunette have her long and straight dusky hair flowing down all over on her shoulders. She’s wearing her black leather lingerie with studs, black leather gloves, and knee high black boots. She’s also wearing her big sun glasses, and have her well manicured finger nails covered with white french-tip nail polish. She sits down on the white leather stool with her two huge boobs fully exposed while flexing her abs and showing off her nice legs and well toned abs.

Tina Rock


Huge female body builder wearing her sexy outfit while working out with the help of her dumbbells. She’s in the studio posing her huge body, flexing and flashing her goodies right in front of the camera. She have her curly dark hair flowing down neatly all over her shoulders, and have her eyes covered with black eyeliners, and blush lipstick on her pouty lips. She’s wearing her sexy black lingerie with tiny black panties. This woman have a tattoo on her waist, and she have wide shoulders, with hard rock biceps and arms. She legs is well toned an thick. She’s holding those two dumbbells while posing.

Tonia Moore


Big and muscular female in her sexy and shiny red bikini, modeling her huge and hard rock muscles and then striping off her bikini. This woman have dusky hair with her face covered with light makeup. She also have her well manicured finger nails covered with white french-tip nail polish. She’s wearing her two piece red bikini with shiny design. She have huge and muscular arms and biceps, with well toned abs and huge thick muscular thighs and legs. She’s standing in the middle of the room and modeling her bodice, posing and flexing her muscles to pop out.